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The Skinny on Cisco’s CP-7920G

Thinking of adding a Cisco CP-7920G WiFi phone to your SIP based phone system?
Well think again!

Cisco phones have long been the envy of every customer looking at desktop handsets, but have proven difficult to work with especially because they are native SCCP (also known as “Skinny”) and require a fair amount of time to be converted to SIP.

Cisco CP-7920G

SIP firmwares are readily available for the Cisco CP-7960, CP-7960G, CP-7940, CP-7940G, CP-7912G, and the CP-7910G. A SIP firmware, however, is not available for the Cisco CP-7920G.

Although Cisco does not yet have a WiFi handset that supports SIP, plenty of other manufacturers do. These include the popular UTStarcom F1000 and the Hitachi IPF-5000.

While Cisco remains the front runner in the VoIP handset market, they do not currently have a WiFi handset that works with a SIP based phone system. Look for Linksys, the SOHO/SMB division of Cisco, to offer a solution, in the coming months.

Garrett Smith

E911 Derailment: Will E911 be VoIP’s Achilles Heal?

The November 28th deadline for VoIP service providers has passed and left most service providers unable to sell their products across a broad market range. We are all hopeful that this is merely a bump in the road; a temporary slow down to the feroucius growth that has occured over the past few years.
With two of the nation’s leading providers (Vonage and AT&T) having less then stellar compliance rates, I am worried that this road bump could turn into a road block. While ever the optimist, I am concerned about the blacklash from prospective consumers given the less then spectacular press 911 connectivity brings to VoIP. With this additional news of a overall lack of E911 compliance, this could substantially slow down the industry.
The E911 problems that service providers are experiencing will ultimately filter down to other portions of the industry, most of whom have substantially less cash flow to fall back on. Hardware Vendors, VAR’s, and Distributors come to mind. Hopefully, our industry leading service providers, will get out thie road bump quickly, and hop back onto the express lane.

Garrett Smith

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