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The Near Future of VoIP – Alec Saunders, CEO Iotum

When you hear the words VoIP you instantly think of innovation. And in order to waver the storm that will continue for most of 2009 – the VoIP industry must continue to be innovative.

What better way to get a glimpse into the innovations to come in the next year, then talk to one of the true innovators in the IP communications space, Alec Saunders. Alec is the CEO of Iotum, the company behind the innovative interactive conference calling service Calliflower, which has quickly gained momentum and favor amongst small and large businesses alike for its ability to enable powerful conversations.

Alec isn’t just innovating in the conference call space – he has been doing it since the early 80’s. It’s with that, that I bring you author of the Voice 2.0 Manifesto thought’s on the near future of VoIP.

Please, read on…

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The Near Future of VoIP – Rafael Fonseca, VP Cedar Point Communications

With the likes of Vonage on the verge of extinction thanks to the pummeling they’ve received since the start of their operations, no one can dispute the impact cable companies have had on the VoIP industry over the last few years. But will 2009 bring a further tightening of their grip on the industry – or will single plays leverage their nimbleness in order to earn themselves a bit of breathing room?

Heck if I know for sure. Thankfully our next interview comes from the cable side of things – after all they are in the best position to answer those questions. Rafael Fonseca is VP of Market and Application Development for Cedar Point Communications, a company that enables cable companies to offer VoIP services thanks to their cable telephony solutions.

Rafael brings with him more then 20 years of system and architecture design to his task of identifying market needs and working with their cable and telecommunications industry customers deploying voice services. With that mission and level of access to cable companies, it makes for unique point of view on the near future of VoIP.

We’re going to skip the niceties and jump right in…

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The Near Future of VoIP – Steve Wong, VP of Marketing ClearSight Networks

If you know anything about VoIP, you know that your networks performance is paramount to a quality calling experience.

This is where our next interview in the series is coming from. Steve Wong is the VP of Marketing for ClearSight Networks. ClearSight Networks an analysis and monitoring solutions provider who is in the business of ensuring VoIP Quality of Service (QoS) on networks.

Steve has over 10 years of test and measurement experience – that when coupled with his knowledge of the VoIP space – makes for an interesting point of view on where the future of the VoIP industry lies. Hopefully he tells us there is better call quality coming. Let’s see what he has to say…

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The Near Future of VoIP – David Schenkel, CTO Objectworld

We have heard from folks in the hosted, the mobile voice and the emerging voice as a service spaces, but now let’s hear from someone in the highly criticized, yet ever so promising space of Unified Communications. David Schenkel is the CTO of Objectworld, a company that provides unified communications software solutions that enable small- to medium-sized businesses with Microsoft® Windows® platforms to drive workforce productivity and improve organizational responsiveness.

As CTO, David is tasked with the overall technical direction of the company and its product development plan so obviously he is at the forefront of what’s happening in both the Unified Communications and VoIP spaces. Couple that with over 25 years of experience in the area of technology convergence and you can bet that David has a good idea of where the industry is heading.

Let’s see what he has to say…

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The Near Future of VoIP – Dan Hoffman, CEO M5 Networks

I could tell from just spending a little time on the phone with him, that Dan Hoffman was someone that needed to be included in this series. Dan, the CEO of Voice as a Service provider M5 Networks in New York City is one of those visionaries that is changing the way mid-sized businesses view their voice communications.

Dan’s company, M5 Networks, has been blazing a trail within the IP communications space as two time INC 5,000 company and also in the way they approach business voice communications. Rather then tout the “cheap minutes” that come with VoIP, M5 looks to show businesses how IP communications gives them better visibility into their entire business, allowing them to increase profitability at a global level.

Let’s take a look at what this software-as-a-service proponent has to say about the near future of VoIP.

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