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The Near Future of VoIP – Peter Diedrich, CEO Mobivox

The next interview brings Peter Diedrich. Peter is the CEO of Voice Services platform provider Mobivox. If that description of Mobivox strikes you as odd, that’s because Mobivox recently announced a change in their strategy – moving from a direct to consumer Mobile VoIP play, to a value added services platform for carriers play.

It should come then, as no surprise, that I had to get Peter’s thought on what he sees as the near future of the VoIP industry. A guy who just changed his company’s direction doesn’t do it for no reason. He must know somethings up.

Let’s take a look at just what that may be…

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The Near Future of VoIP – Mike Oeth, CEO Junction Networks

One of the VoIP services that I use quite often is Junction Network’s OnSIP VoIP service (especially good when using with on the Apple iPhone), so it is only natural to have their CEO, Mike Oeth tell me a little bit more about what he’s sees as the near future of VoIP. Mike is an industry veteran, having held number senior level positions in at a variety of software, telecommunications, managed services and Internet companies. Prior to Junction Networks, Mike was with AboveNet, Inc, formerly Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc., a facilities-based provider of end-to-end optical solutions for communications carriers, corporate and government customers in the United States and Europe. He has also served as the CTO of LivePerson, Inc., the award-winning industry leader in live chat customer service over the Web.

If you can’t tell, Mike is a “what’s next” kind of guy. Let’s see what he has to say.

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The Near Future of VoIP – Irv Shapiro, CEO IfByPhone

For the latest in this series, I present Irv Shapiro. Irv is the CEO of one of my favorite companies, IfByPhone and he really knows his stuff. He has started three technology companies in last 30 years.  His first, Metamor Technologies, was a two-time Inc 500 award-winning consultancy, and his second, Edventions, was an elementary school infrastructure company.  Both were successfully sold to larger acquirers.

Now Irv is back at it again with his third company, Ifbyphone, in 2005 to provide small and medium businesses with telephony tools previously only available to enterprise companies. This is a good one folks…read on.

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The Near Future of VoIP – Ari Rabban, CEO

For the first interview in the series, I looked to CEO Ari Rabban.

Ari is an IP communications industry veteran, with specific expertise in the start-up environment, moving companies from concept to operation. Ari joined from Pulver Ventures, an incubator for new IT companies. Previously, Ari served as vice president of corporate development and marketing for VocalTec Communications, the VoIP market pioneer and developer of the first internet phone. During his tenure at VocalTec he served as president of two subsidiaries that were ultimately spun out: Surf&Call Solutions, one of the initial voice-enhanced e-commerce solutions companies, and Truly Global Inc., a web based communications service. Ari joined VocalTec from Lucent Technologies.

Now that you know a little more about Ari, let’s take a look at what he sees coming in the near future.

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The Near Future of VoIP – A Month Long Interview Series

One of the questions that I am asked most frequently about the VoIP industry is “What’s next?”

It’s was with that in mind, that I have decided to run a month long interview series with many of the industry’s thought leaders about the near future of VoIP. The thought leaders, comprised of CEO, VP and product managers, from various verticals of the marketplace were all asked the same eight questions (see below) about the future, opportunities and hurdles that they see for the industry in 2009.

While no one has a crystal ball, in interviewing over 30 folks (yes, you will see an interview almost every day), there are many recurring themes – and even some new ones that I hope will help you better navigate the market during 2009 and beyond.

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