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15 NEW VoIP headsets hitting USB ports (and desktop phones)

There’s 15 new VoIP headset models hitting the USB ports of softphone users and the 2.5mmm jacks of a desktop VoIP phones with one model that’s set to drop this September from Jabra that’s sure to be an instant hit.

VXI Corp looks to the mid-market with latest offerings

Popular, yet perennial underdog VXI Corp has recently released two new series in their line of VoIP headsets.The Tria series  models (Tria G, Tria V, Tria P) are convertible headsets that can be worn three different ways with the Passport 21 models (Passport 21G, Passport 21V, Passport 21P)  styled in the more traditional binaural (dual ear) form.

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Where’s the cash at?

A recent IDC survey has shed some light on just how bad the lack of credit availability has affected VAR’s.

It’s an unfortunate consequence of the spoiled economy. One that has affected every level of the channel – from manufacturer to the end user.

Ironically enough the middleman is actually being squeezed at both ends.

As VAR’s struggle to capitalize themselves, they’ve also got to fight competitors and manage ROI requirements of customers that force margins ever downward.

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Price or support?

When it comes to consumer VoIP service you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you want service at low price with more features than a traditional land line it will come with trade-offs.

That’s why Robert Mitchell’s account of his dealings with Vonage’s technical support was interesting to read.

It’s a textbook case on the trade-offs that come with the usage of VoIP. And a look into what VoIP providers deal with when consumers expectations exceed their budgets.

Cisco continues creeping into IP surveillance

When you’re one of the world’s largest companies and “own” 85% of all IP networks you’re in a powerful position. This is especially true as technology moves from the analog world to the digital, IP world.

One industry that is currently moving from analog to IP, much in the same manner as voice, is video surveillance. Like voice, video surveillance has historically been a closed circuit analog technology.

But with advances in technology, lead by current market leader Axis, IP surveillance has continually gained momentum. Even as the economy has flattened the growth of the IP surveillance industry on the whole, there is no refuting the fact that IP IS the future of surveillance.

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