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The game is changing…

A day or so ago I read a post over at No Jitter by Matt Brunk that cast the IP communications channel as an eroding numbers game. The post was interesting to me as I’ve experienced the continual squeeze on margins through the years. Plus I’ve witnessed the frustrations of channel sales and marketing in today’s environment from working closely with many a manufacturerand service provider.

While Matt’s take on the current state of the IP communications channel is very real, his reasoning for it and resolution for improving it are off.

The present issues within the IP communications channel is not due to a numbers game as Matt suggests, but due to that channel game changing. All due to the Internet.

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Will low cost unlimited cellular kill VoIP?

T-Mobile is offering unlimited calling to existing customers for $50 per month. If you’re a VoIP provider and news like this isn’t scaring you it should.

For year’s cellular carriers have raped and pillaged customers.  Today technology (like VoIP), the economy and savvy consumers have caught up to cellular carriers. And they’re doing something smart about it.

Giving people what they want – unlimited calling at a reasonable rate.

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Open Source. Open Standards. Open minds?

Fellow Smith On VoIP reader Tshai Levent-Levi has minted a new piece concerning the abuse of the term open source.

You should go read it. It speaks to how marketers are representing open standards as open source. This is something that the open source VoIP community has been talking about for years.

But I don’t think the problem is that the industry doesn’t know what these terms mean.

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Open source telephony and the enterprise

A few weeks ago you might have read the article in about Open Source in the enterprise. I was lucky enough to be quoted numerous times throughout the article, but I wanted to share with all of you some more of the background information that shaped my remarks.

What follows are my notes and thoughts that were compiled for the article. Hopefully you will find them both insightful and helpful to your business pursuits. Again these are just notes, so please pardon any less than stellar verbose you might find.

Open source telephony and the enterprise

While concerns are still abound enterprises have been using open source telephony solutions for many years. Having personally worked with a dozen large banking institutions over the last five years, mainly using some form of Asterisk ( the pioneering open source telephony platform. In addition, if it weren’t for NDA’s, I could run down a “who’s, who” of publicly traded companies and big name private companies using open source telecommunications today.

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