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Top 5 Offerings Spotted At ITEXPO

Phew! What a show.

For the first time in two and a half year I attended ITEXPO as an exhibitor. As usual, the TMCnet team did a great job in putting together the conference and expo.

The show provided productive meetings, new business connections and even allowed for the closing of some deals 🙂

It also provide me with a number of notable offerings that I want to share with you.

  • hookflash – Softphone king Erik Lagerway is at it again with hookflash, a soon to be released service that SIP enables any IP enabled endpoint. With hookflash one will be able to access their SIP service on their computer, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows 7, iPad, etc. Having seen it in its early stages, I can’t wait to see it when it is out.
  • Yealink T38G – I got a sneak peak at Yealink’s soon to be released color screen phone. If you haven’t heard of Yealink by now you will this year. They are quickly emerging as a strong player in the IP handset space. And when I say compete, I’m not just talking about sub-$100 handsets.
  • VoIP Fulfillment by VoIP Supply – This is a new suite of services specifically designed for VoIP providers, allowing them to increase operational efficiency, decrease touch costs and bolster their customer experience. Through services such as warehousing, device configuration, direct end user shipments, returns processing, device reconditioning, extended warranties, technical support and real-time on-demand reporting, a service provider can get everything they need to power their VoIP service operations.
  • Grandstream GXV3175 – Grandstream’s latest IP video phone, the GXV3175, is their sexiest offering to date. It features a 7″ color touch screen and a much improved user interface that makes this phone an excellent for those looking to get into video calling.
  • PRISM – Last, but certainly not least was PRISM, a services management tool from StarView Solution. PRISM provides current and aspiring VoIP providers with everything needed to run an efficient, profitable operation through instant order provisioning, activation, routing of DID phone numbers and SIP connections. Broadsoft look out – I’ve yet to see something as simple and easy to use.

Google the service provider

I don’t know what Google has planned, but they’ve got something brewing in the communications space.

First Google acquired Grandcentral (now Google Voice). Then they acquired Gizmo Project.

Now they’ve announced the acquisition of voice and video processing technology company GIPS for a shade over $68 million.

This gives Google a:

  • virtual number offering
  • “unified messaging” client
  • back-end engine’s to handle high amounts of voice/video processing

If that doesn’t sound like the starting blocks to a next generation communications provider, I don’t know what does.

Now all they need to do is add Bandwidth.

Sangoma and HP to Partner?

I just caught this over at TMCNet. Seems Sangoma is rumored to be partnering with HP.

There isn’t much available as neither side won’t comment, but it’s interesting enough to chew on.

If Sangoma and HP have indeed partnered, I betting one of three things will come out it:

  1. A low cost Open Source PBX appliance
  2. An SMB IP Phone system
  3. Or they’re adding Fax over IP capabilities to their all-in-one printers using Sangoma hardware

Now I’ve got no inside knowledge here. These are purely guesses.

What’s yours?

Video call your relatives (for free)

If you’re like most you’ve got family spread across the country. Or even across the world.

Distance often makes it difficult to stay in touch. Let alone enjoy some quality “face time” with loved ones.

Heck, with many still hampered financially seeing everyone during over the holiday’s is no sure thing. Flights aren’t getting any cheaper.

But for every problem there’s a solution.

For those who find themselves far away from “home” it’s video calling. The next best thing to being there.

And today video calling got a whole lot cheaper thanks to Grandstream Networks.

Best known for their line of VoIP phones and adapters, Grandstream has announced a new video calling offering that combines two GXV3140 video phones and their built-in IPVideoTalk video calling service to deliver unlimited two-way and three-way video calling.

All for only $499 USD.

No activation fees. No monthly services fees.

Plus the Grandstream GXV3140’s can also be used as a standard VoIP phone, as it’s compatible with most SIP service providers.

It really is a great solution for those who want to see their family, but just can’t get there.

For more information on the Grandstream GXV3i40 video calling bundle drop me a line. Or purchase it directly at VoIP Supply.

Providers should look into 8×8’s new patent

Earlier today leading VoIP provider 8×8 (Packet8) announced that they had been award a new patent.

Typically when I see news like this I pass. But when I read through the release, I became much more interested.

I became interested in 8×8’s new patent because it could potential impact other VoIP providers and VoIP equipment manufacturers in a major way. I say this because the patent touches upon a commonly used method for setting-up VoIP phones and adapters fro use with their service – auto-provisioning.

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