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Fierce 15 Announced, Here Are My Favorites

Yes, it has been year already.

Earlier today, Doug Mahoney over at Fierce VoIP announced this year’s Fierce 15, a list of 15 VoIP companies blazing a trail within the industry. On the list, were a couple of companies that, to me, have been standouts this year.

  • Fonolo – Such a great idea and tool. I can’t believe someone hasn’t scooped them up yet.
  • Ifbyphone – As someone who is responsible for online commerce, the tools and resources they have launched this year are awesome.
  • Truphone – Their iPhone application and more recently their BlackBerry application are great and have opened them up to two huge market segments.

Of course, kudos to all of the companies on the list (and to Andy Abramson for having three clients on the list…who just happen to be my favs as well). Keep-on innovating!

Learn Us Something At eComm 2009

Yes – I think you are smart.

No seriously – I have talked to many of you who are participants here – you are really smart.

Isn’t it about time you got off of your duff and told the world about the distruption you are causing in the intersection of telecommunications and IP communications?

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Speaking of Microsoft…

…it seems that they have restored VoIP to Microsoft Live Messenger. Honestly, I didn’t know it was gone. I use it as an “IM” at the office – but only for internal usage (and I have a phone to call my colleagues). To no one’s surprise they are offering below sea level pricing on outbound calling – so this is really a non-story right?

Well – let’s speculate for a second.

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