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Movin’ On Up

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my favorite people in the VoIP industry, Jeff Dixon. For those who don’t know who Jeff Dixon is, Jeff was one of the primary drivers of the enormous growth Polycom’s voice division has experienced over the last few years. Well, to my surprise, the reason for the call was because Jeff has taken a new post with a soon to be named company.

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Asterisk Gets a Facelift

Everybody’s favorite open source telephony system has gotten a new look. Earlier today Asterisk GUI 2.0 was released for Asterisk and it looks great.

Take a look for yourself here.

Asterisk has been dogged in the past by many for not having a better GUI for those who are not interested in using command line to configure the platform. To their credit Digium has made tremendous strides in this area and continues to improve (as this release proves).

I wonder if they are putting those SwitchVox folks to work on the Asterisk GUI?

The Fastest Growing Companies in VoIP

Last week Inc magazine released the Inc 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in the US. It was no surprised that many prominent VoIP companies made the list, given the explosion the industry has experienced over the last few years. After reading through the list, I realized that there were a lot of companies that I had never heard of who are doing very well selling VoIP so I decided to compile a quick list of companies on the rise in the VoIP industry based on the Inc 5,000 rankings.

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