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Linksys WIP320 Review

Linksys WIP 320 WIFI Phone For Skype Product Review

The Good: The Linksys WIP320 is extremely easy to set-up and use. Besides an easy set-up and easy use, the WIP320 has a sleek design and user interface that makes it a conversation piece inside of the home and a great introduction to Skype for those visiting who may not know anything about it.

The Bad: The phone is sort of pricey ($169.99) for a phone with limited features. As with all WiFi phones, the Linksys WIP320 also suffers from a dismal battery life. If you turn it on and leave it on the table, like you would a cell phone, you will be lucky to get more than six hours before you have to plug it in…not exactly ideal. The biggest drawback, however, is that fact that you can not send text or sms messages to other Skype users, severely limiting it’s appeal for those of use looking to Skype for more than POTS replacement.

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Free cellular calls without a sim card!

Are you doubtful that it is possible?
Well, you don’t need to be an hacker or a computer geek, but simply you need a cellular phone, a free Wi-Fi network and an application called fring.
In the video below is shown how this is possible thanks to fring, an application that uses your mobile internet connection to make peer-to-peer VoIP calls.

By using a Wi-Fi network connected to internet it isn’t even necessary a sim card!
A good idea to use your home or office wireless network for an unusual way to make and receive calls with your mobile device.
Furthermore you can use this system also in airports, hotels and all places that offer you a free hotspot.

Oh, I nearly forgot that fring works over 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi networks and dynamically adapts itself to the optimal network !

Ten Reasons to Use SightSpeed

SightSpeed is the Ultimate Video VoIP Client

sightspeedSightSpeed, the Video VoIP client that is changing how users are communicating online, is one of my favorite ways of connecting with business clients, colleagues, and family members when I am unable to “be right there.” On the eve of SightSpeed moving towards it’s latest version, SightSpeed 6.0, I thought I would offer up ten reasons to use SightSpeed.

Ten Reasons to Use SightSpeed

SightSpeed is dynamic. SightSpeed is easy to use. SightSpeed allows you to do alot. Here are the reasons why I use SightSpeed, and why I think you should use SightSpeed too!

  1. SightSpeed works on both PC and MAC’s. You would be surprised how many other clients do not. It is easy to install so even those who don’t have SightSpeed, never have a problem getting set-up before a video conference call.
  2. SightSpeed lets you send Video Voice mail and short Video clips for you website or blog! Video voicemails allows users to combine an email message and a voicemail with a fun personal message.
  3. With SightSpeed Pro users can participate in multi-party video conferences with up to 4 people! These virtual meetings are more effective than conference calls as you are able to read and process the facial expressions and body langauge that allows statements to be less subjective.
  4. My SightSpeed allows SightSpeed users to have a video chat with those who do not yet have SightSpeed. Just have them type in your My SightSpeed url and they are able to see and hear you. What a great way to show others the power of SightSpeed.
  5. SightSpeedTV, while still BETA, allows you to watch your favorite television shows anywhere in the world. This excellent for those who frequently travel overseas and miss there home stations.
  6. SightSpeed is FREE to download and use. An upgrade to SightSpeed Pro is only $4.95 per month. SightSpeed Pro offers advanced features such as multi-party video conferencing, call recording, and extended video mail and blog clips.
  7. PC-to-PC Voice and Video Calling is FREE with SightSpeed. Call and or Video chat with all of you buddies.
  8. Calls to regular telephones are inexpensive. Stateside calls using SightSpeed are as low as 2 cents per minute.
  9. SightSpeed Video clips helped Peter Zottolo become an internet celebrity….maybe it can do the same for you…
  10. It makes connecting and building relationships much easier. Why wait till the next conference, expo, or business trip to put a face to name, when you can do it the first time you speak? SightSpeed makes doing virtual business easier.

To download SightSpeed, visit

GizmoCall Browser Based Calling Service Review

SIPphone Releases Gizmocall

gizmocallSIPPhone, the company behind Gizmo Project, the open standards VoIP soft client today launched GizmoCall, a browser plug-in that allows use to make calls via a web browser. The premise behind the service is pretty simple: go to the site, dowload the browser plug-in, enter the phone number you want to call, hit call, and the call is initiated. All you need is a headset/microphone plugged into your computer. Nothing else is required.

More About GizmoCall

The GizmoCall service is so simple that is not much to it, but currently, there is one limitation. Call length limited to up to 10 minutes per day to most landlines & select mobile phones around the world. Hopefully, in the future, you will be able to purchase “credits” in order to utilize the service for more then 10 minutes a day. Also, a la Skype and Sitfono, they are offering a “Click to Call Me” button for your website.

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Linksys WIP300 WIFI VoIP Phone Review

Linksys WIP300 Review

Linksys WIP300

The Good: Easy web based cofiguration and set-up, excellent range, acceptable call quality.

The Bad: Difficult menu navigation, low battery life, back cover falls off easily, forget about sending emails from it.

The Bottom Line: Unless you are a huge Linksys fan and are unable to afford the higher priced Linksys WIP330, there are better choices on the market. Don’t let the color screen and slick design fool you; the Linksys WIP300 leaves a lot to be desired.

Linksys WIP300 Overview

The Linksys WIP 300-NA Wi-Fi IP Phone enables high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) service through a Wireless-G network and high-speed Internet connection. Connect at home, your office, or at a public hotspot, and make low-cost phone calls through your Internet Telephony Service Provider.

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