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UTStarCom GF-210 Dual Mode GSM WIFI VoIP Handset

UTStarCom will soon be releasing their dual mode phone, the UTStarcom GF-200 as the UTStarCom GF-210 in the North American market according to a popular VoIP forum. The UTStarcom GF-210 is a Dual Mode GSM-WiFI Phone supporting GSM triband networks (900/1800/1900 Mhz) and 2.4 GHZ 802.11b.

The UTStarCom GF210 features a 1.8 inch 65K color display. The UTStarCom GF210 supports call forwarding, call waiting/hold/barring/conferencing, text messaging, and polyphonic ringtones. The UTStarCom GF-210 offers SIP based calling, G.711au codec, voice activity detection, echo cancellation, WPA/WEP security, and local/remote TFTP/HTTP upgradeable firmware. Although no US GSM service providers offically support dual mode phones, the UTStarcom GF210 is best characterized as a VoIP phone supporting GSM as a “feature”. On the GSM side, the UTStarCom GF-210 is an “unlocked” GSM phone that will take any GSM SIM. This is not a common concept in the US – but it is how GSM phones are sold in most of the world.

The UTStarCom GF-210 will be particularly useful for anyone traveling internationally – instead of paying $1.50 or so for “roaming”, you can “forward” your VoIP number to a pre-paid GSM number (available at the airport) in the country you are visiting and get the same incoming roaming service for about $.25 per minute.

UTStarCom is exhibiting at the FALL VON conference and expo. I would imagine one will be on hand…

Huh? Whhaaaat? GN Netcom Launches Three New Wireless Headsets

GN Netcom, a leading wireless headset manufacturer has launched three new wireless headsets.

The GN9350 features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and, for VoIP, wideband 6.8KHX audio bandwidth. The DSP filter on the GN9350 filters incoming background noise AND adjusts audio levels to avoid those annoying and potentially harmful “loud talkers.” The GN9350’s noise-cancelling microphone ensures crisp clear VoIP calls. The GN9350 has a range of 300 feet from the base station and also utlizes wireless standard DECT 6.0. If all of this was not music to your ears, the headset also comes with 64-bit encryption for hacker-secure conversations. The GN9350 has a list price of $349.99

The GN9330- USB was designed with the VoIP soft phone user in mind. Connecting to your computer from your USB port, the GN9330-USB offers soft phone users the flexibility and mobility that was previously unavialble with a standard headset. Like the GN9350, the GN9330-USB features DSP and wideband 6.8Khx audio bandwidth. Using the wireless standard DECT 6.0, the GN9330-USB offers a range of up to 200 feet, giving soft phone users plenty of room to roam. The GN9330-USB has a list price of $249.99.

All three of the new GN Netcom wireless headsets are available through GN Netcom distributors and resellers. Click Here for purchase information.

Belkin WIFI Phone For Skype Released

Belkin WIFI PhoneRan across the new Belkin WIFI Phone for Skype today. There was surprisingly little detail about the phone, but I can say that it looks strinkingly similar to the Netgear SPH101 WIFI Phone for Skype. What I can tell you is that it has advanced security with WEP, WPA, WPA2 and is 802.11b/g compatible. List price is $189.99. Neither the Belkin WIFI Phone or the Netgear WIFI Phone are available yet. Looks like I am going to have to wait a few more weeks to impress everyone at Starbucks!

Grandstream BudgeTone 200 (GS-200) Coming Soon!

It looks like Grandstream Networks is set to unveil it’s fourth IP phone under $100 this week. The Grandstream BudgeTone 200 or GS-200 is set to hit the streets at a list price of $89.

The Grandstream BudgeTone 200 features dual RJ45 Ports for LAN/WAN switching or routing and a full duplex speakerphone. This IP Phone will definitely be a hot seller when it hits the shelves. I wonder if the huge product marketing budgets of Grandstream larger competitors is the reason that none of the major players (Linksys, DLink) has been able to break into the sub $100 price range.

Although they will never win a beauty contest, Grandstream phones offer tremendous value for SOHO and SMB consumers. Click Here to get yours today!

IP EVO XING – This Years Slickest Product

Have you seen this yet?

IP EVO’s XING has to be the slickest VoIP product to come out this year. Everything about the XING is slick; it’s deisgn, features, and functionality. This product will not only further add to the unique Skype user experience, but will also serve as a great conversation piece among users. This is a great example of functional product design creating “BUZZ.”

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