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I should probably be ashamed to admit this, but for the longest time I thought of and wanted VoIP to merely be a low cost replacement to traditional VoIP zula europe herunterladen.

As sales professional I found that when it came down to it most SMB’s did not need the features and functionality that VoIP provided and as a marketer became frustrated that the one thing that truly matter to the vast majority of customer was saving a few nickels gameboy advance roms deutsch download kostenlos.

Over the last six months, though, I have been investing heavily in researching tools, plug-in’s and software that will make me more productive herunterladen. As my workload has increased without the luxury of more hours in the day, I am forced to do more with the same. Since I am a heavy internet user and I always have a browser open (and by always I mean 18 – 20 hours a day), most of what I see during the day is my lovely Firefox browser herunterladen. I found many great productivity enhancing plug-in’s for Firefox, yet I am wondering why Firefox (or any other browser for that matter) does not natively come with voice capabilities thunderbirding the rest of the message does not work. I have long been a user of Skype’s Firefox extension, but as a platform that is very widely used, why is voice not a standard. I mean, I am not alone mp3en online free. I have to imagine that their are millions using a web browser all day long. Seems like their is one heck of a revenue opportunity, not to mention some awesome mash-up capabilities that would extend the functionality of Firefox as an IP platform rather than just a web browser filme herunterladen auf pc.

Maybe I am a little off, but I wish Firefox natively offer voice capabilities; and I am thinking if it did others would use it too.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is an author, consultant, and marketer with almost 20 years of experience selling and marketing VoIP solutions. Garrett has helped thousands of businesses select the right VoIP system over his career, in addition to helping hundreds of vendors, and dozens of service providers with their go to market strategies. This experience gives him a unique position in industry that allows him to cut through all the noise. Garrett has been named one of the most influential people in the VoIP, and has written over 3,000 articles about VoIP since 2004.

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